Millwood Gardens is a registered not-for-profit organization. It controls the financial operations of Garden Gates and Leisure Gardens retirement villages. These villages are situated in Knysna and are run and managed as financially and operationally independent facilities.

Leisure Gardens Retirement Village
Garden Gates Retirement Village
Garden Gates Retirement Village

We have been providing professional, warm, and loving care in a secure, comfortable and well-maintained environment since 1985.


To be a successful caring organisation providing a balanced range of accommodation, services and opportunities for the elderly.

To ensure our residents live every day to the best of their potential, according to their individual preferences.


Accommodation at Millwood Gardens is open for occupation by residents of all races, and of all religious denominations.

Two types of accommodation are offered, namely Cottages for independent living available on a life right basis and Assisted Living and Frail Care for which a monthly charge is made.


To provide affordable, secure, and caring accommodation and services to the elderly.


  • A commitment to caring for the aged by providing cost effective, excellent, and efficient service.
  • To deal with all residents, their families, members of the public, and our colleagues with dignity, sincerity, respect, transparency, and compassion.
  • A participative style of management where all employees, individually and collectively, work responsibly and unselfishly with integrity to achieve the mission and objectives of our retirement villages.
  • A Village Committee, consisting of 2 residents, the manager and outside volunteers ensures that the homes run correctly. The village committees both report to the Millwood Gardens executive committee.